Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yay! The book is out...

"From Quirky Case to Representing Space: Papers in Honor of Annie Zaenen" is now available free on-line at http://cslipublications.stanford.edu/site/9781575866628.shtml.
Danny Bobrow, Ron Kaplan, Tracy H. King and  I organized a symposium  on the occasion of Annie Zaenen's retirement from PARC, to honor her significant contributions to theoretical and computational linguistics over a long and distinguished career. Then Tracy  and I organized a volume collecting research papers that celebrate Annie's work. The book is just out and is  freely available, but can also be  bought from Stanford's CSLI, hooray!!!

Actually this is slightly old news (a month ago), but I had forgotten to record it here and I want to have the link to the book in a place where I can get it easily...

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