Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taking Stock

Well, I have not been doing as much as I should, of course.

But since September, 2012 I have already submitted 10 papers, so things could be worse. (and if you count the book edited with Tracy H. King then we're up to eleven possible publications since Sept 2012)

Mostly it's all about old work that I was doing before  joining my new employer Nuance Communications. Actually only one paper is related to my Nuance work, but is still a continuation of the work at PARC. My manager presented this work for me at CommonSense 2013 in Cyprus.

There were the two pieces of work for COLING2012 (Existential Change Transitive verbs and the OpenWordNet-BR),  the three  pieces for Unilog (Contextual Constructive Description Logic with Natasha, a constructive modal temporal logic with Dick, and Glue for Proof Theorists, for Luiz Carlos and Peter Schroeder-Heister "Abstract Proof Theory Workshop"). Then there was the paper on intuitionistic n-graphs with Marcela, the rewriting of the old Linear Logic based Model of State and the work on Contexts for Quantification, submitted to CommonSense. Finally there is some work on lexical resources for Brazilian Portuguese (nominalizations) just submitted by my collaborator Livy Real to STIL 2013. And I submitted the work on Natural Numbers Objects (with Charles Morgan and Samuel Gomes da Silva to the LSFA in Sao Paulo. Of course I don't know how many of these will be accepted or yield new, more exciting work, but I guess my immediate goal of producing more with  new collaborators is going ok...

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Over the last weekend I was at the

2nd CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Intelligent Interaction

in Stanford. The program was very diverse and interesting.
I was super happy because CSLI decided to get rid of some of its volumes, so they had a table full of books with a sign "Attendees of the Workshop, please help yourselves". Wow!
Since we have just started our Sunnyvale NLU Research Lab, this was brilliant!

I was also pleasantly surprised by one of the students there starting her talk by saying that  she was glad to see me in the audience, since I had given her her Thesis Project.
And when she talked about it, it was pretty impressive. I had only mentioned the famous Wigner paper,

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences,

because I thought the philosophy students needed some exciting stuff to keep them motivated...
In any case this was really very nice!