Saturday, February 22, 2014

Global WordNet Conference 2014

 So I missed the chance of going to Tartu, Estonia for the Global WordNet conference, Jan 25-29, 2014. I'm told it was great!

But I did prepare slides, as sometimes it's useful to do so, before a meeting, to make sure that  all collaborators are on the same page. My slides weren't presented, Alexandre produced his own, but they represent my understanding of the work as of Jan 2014, so I reckon I should post them. If nothing else, later on I can see how wrong I was. Slides for Nominalizations and for Progress Report on OpenWN-PT.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Subtyping, oh subtyping, where art thou?...

I don't know how come I ended up skimming the following report Extending ML F with Higher-Order Types, as System F is nowadays very far from my worries.

 But I did. and this reminded me that I really should try to get my mind clear about what the issues are and how much progress has been made  in the subject of subtyping in System F since I did some very preliminary work on it in the context of the programming language Ponder, when working as an RA in Cambridge.

The report (Subtyping in Ponder) is available from the Computer Lab in Cambridge.

This reminds me, again, of how much I owe Michael Gordon.  And it feels good to be grateful. Btw I love Mike's favicon, will try to copy it sometime...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Angry that...

Angry that this paper The Dialectica Categories has been available from  for some 20 years and people insist on not reading it, even when they want to  discuss dialectica categories.

Why??!?? ...

is it because the book is AMS? because it's not in latex?

I know the writing is not sparkling, but come on people... if you want to talk about this stuff, you've got to read it!

Disagreement is fair; criticism is hard to deal with, but unavoidable. But ignoring it completely, this is simply NOT ON.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Workshops I am organizing this year

Workshop on Natural Language in Computer Science, Vienna Month of Logic, Austria, July 2014.

Workshop on Logics and Ontologies for Natural Language (LogOnto) 2014, associated to FOI2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil LogOnto 2014 - Workshop on Logics and Ontologies for Natural Language (LogOnto) - September 22, 2014

at least I'm getting my work to converge, I think..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Me in YouTube?! oh my...

Larry Moss told me that my  'Introduction to Category Theory'  lectures (or Category Theory for Linguists)  are now on YouTube, uploaded by NASSLLI2012.
They're precisely at
I wish I had managed to do a better job of those....