Friday, August 23, 2019

Brazil-France Mathematics Meeting

Samuel Gomes da Silva and Elaine Pimentel (together with Boban Velickovic) organized the Mathematical Logic Special Session of the First Brazil-France Mathematics meeting at IMPA in July. I went and talked about our library of propositional intuitionistic theorems, described in
The ILLTP Library for Intuitionistic Linear Logic
C Olarte, V de Paiva, E Pimentel, G Reis
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.06850

Lots of interesting conversations in the meeting. All the slides of the meeting were collected  and can be found in this Google drive folder. Other mathematical logic meetings associated with the UFBA are described here.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Adventures in SearchLand, rediscovered

So I found the video of my PARC Forum in 2009! yay!
It's now in YouTube in my channel (doesn't this sound funny?), at, YouTube informs me.

But this took quite a while, including finding an old computer with DVD reader, finding a charger that's by now two models behind,  downloading rippers and waiting forever for YouTube to decide to accept my video. oh well, it's done now.

The slides have been in SlideShare since 2012, and the real paper is still to be written. of course.

The pictures have nothing to do with the talk. They're just to remind me that we can still be silly and have some fun. Ana is still the best!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Summer 2019 is over. or almost over.

 I took this picture before the beginning of the Encontro de Mulheres Matematicas, in IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, 27 July 2019. The excitement is palpable, we're all ready to go, all eager to show that Mathematics -- in all its diversity-- is our passion.

I had a wonderful time and made several new friends. I was also in awe of the ability of my new friends, they are so competent, so  able to communicate their mathematics, I felt a tad jealous. I wish I was that competent at their age. This was a great way to close this Summer.

I think it was even worth missing Eric's graduation for it. He promised me that there will be another graduation soon enough. For the time being I only have the photos and the short video that Richard took. The pictures of Cornwall are lovely!

Meanwhile this is a picture of the end of the meeting on Women Mathematicians. It was a huge success, people came from everywhere in Brazil for the meeting.
One girl had to go 24 hours by boat, to get to Manaus and then fly in!! This is dedication beyond the call of duty.

Now I just read the column of Marcelo Viana, director of IMPA after the meeting, "What women want after all" is a rough translation. Amazing the level of lack of understanding of some mathematicians. To be absolutely clear, I don't mean lack of understanding on Viana's part, but of the people he quoted. Goodness me.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Skype Talk in May: Round Table at EBL

I couldn't go to the Encontro Brasileiro de Logica (EBL) in Joao Pessoa this year. I wanted to, as I went to the last one in Paraiba, too many years ago, and had a great time.

This time we (Gisele Secco, Elaine Pimentel, Claudia Nalon and myself) had offered to organize a round table about Women in Logic. And so we did, yay! I spoke over Skype, not the best medium, but what can be done, can be done.

We hope to have a text about it written sometime soon. Meanwhile, slides are in slideshare.

Monday, July 15, 2019

BACAT2019: Petri nets rewind

This  only appeared briefly in twitter.
A total contrast between  Santa Clara at 7 pm in February and at 7 pm in June.

A great discussion on Petri nets, using the Dialectica construction.

Slides are in slideshare. Somehow the questions became about pros and cons of dialectica versus Chu construction, I mentioned Dialectica and Chu constructions: cousins,  (Theory and Applications of Categories, vol 17 Issue 7, pages 127-152, 2007) because I have always wanted a "Dialectica Calculator", like the "Chu calculator" Vaughan Pratt has. But I realized that the line "there are pros and cons to both" is not very informative. I need to go back to that.
One of the reasons I still want to write about Petri nets, using the dialectica model is because I hope that morphisms that are simulations, instead of bisimulations or other more strict maps, might be more useful in practice. (Need to find a way of checking on this properly)
But then I got thinking that the mathematics of Chu construction is somewhat easier, as more symmetric, so maybe those Petri nets make sense too?

Vancouver in June

We had Women in Logic 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
There are some photos in FB's group Women in Logic.
It was a neck-breaking speedy trip, I was in Vancouver for one night only, but well worth it.
The meeting was smaller than the one in Oxford last year, as expected. FLoC does encourage lots of people to come, who wouldn't otherwise.

But the meeting was very productive with decisions taken, committees organized, bold plans for 2020. Also a general feeling that we can do this together and it will be just fine! Very grateful for that. I was worried about (not) missing my plane back home (I almost missed it going out), so didn't have much time to enjoy the brewery, but had plenty of good conversations over sushi at lunchtime.

  Another lesson learned is that for a short workshop is very important to plan the social events in advance.  It worked well for us, we found good restaurants close by, but it should've been announced earlier on. We almost missed Ana Sokolova!
But all's well that ends well, we were all seated for beer eventually.

Tuebingen in March

I had an amazing time in Tuebingen in March. The meeting was fantastic! Thanks Peter Schroeder-Heister and Thomas Piecha for a great programme, excellent accommodations and an amazingly beautiful place. Having  just started at Samsung Research America two weeks earlier, I was a bit worried about flying off, but I had   bargained for the trip,  and all was fine.