Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DannyFest 2008

Today I was reminded that we (Cleo and I) have not, yet, lived up to our promise of editing a special volume for Danny.

We had the Festschrift DannyFest at PARC in 2008
http://www.parc.com/event/634/daniel-g-bobrow-festschrift-celebration-dannyfest.html. The videos of the talks are in the blog there, as are the pictures in flckr. But there is no volume, yet. And we should try to make good on that.

As soon as I manage to get IMLA 2011 done, this will be the new project.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wow!!! Google Translate is using our work!

So cool. I was reading this paper about how to create a logical ontology associated to a lexical ontology
and what did I discover? That our work on a Portuguese WordNet is used by Google Translate!
Check it out Inside Google Translate – Google Translate and you'll see the


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Publishing Models

The world of scientific publishing is in turmoil. I don't know how the ACL manages to get all their papers online for free for everyone, but
I want to have the same happening in the other areas that I work.

Meanwhile I have to choose better the places where I will send my work.
In the small sample above, Springer got another 200 dollars and I haven't been able, yet, to share the USB memory sticks with my colleagues at Nuance.
(thinking about how to do it, though...)
I never been very strategic with where to send papers, a silly mistake to make all these years, time to put it right, I guess.
(Here's a blog post about it, don't agree with all he says, but some definitely makes sense, http://idibon.com/top-nlp-conferences-journals/ )

hmm, forgot to mention that I only went to two of these conferences:
the one in Nepal my collaborator Gerard de Melo (from Tsinghua University) presented the paper
Sense-Specific Implicative Commitments. and the PROPOR one, my collaborator Alexandre Rademaker
(from FGV and IBM/Research Rio) presented the paper
NomLex-PT: A Lexicon of Portuguese Nominalizations.