Friday, February 20, 2015

Browsing OpenwordNet-PT and other things I need to remember

I don't know how everybody else copes, but I confess that I am overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do and by the fact that my tools keep failing me. The newest one is Firefox bookmarks, that after years of doing my bidding now decided to revolt and not do what I tell them...
The other one is my cellphone which says that it needs more memory and it won't do a thing unless I change it or do something about the "stuff" that accumulated over the years.
Anyways, while Blogger still does what I tell it, here's the link to the new interface to the OpenWordNet-PT. This is a brilliant piece of code by Fabricio Chalub that is helping an awful lot with the cleaning up of the data.

The other three links  I need to find easily are the conferences am trying to organize this year:
  1. WOLLIC 2015, Bloomington, Indiana (deadline this weekend!)
  2. NLCS 2015, Kyoto, Japan, 
  3. ESSLLI workshop on Logic and Probabilistic Methods for Dialog
For the talks to give and the other zillions of deadlines I need to keep track of, I will have to rely on the adrenalin.