Friday, April 21, 2017

Among the Philosophers

 Last week I was in Seattle for the APA/ASL meeting. The APA (American Philosophy Association) is kind of new to me, I had never been to one of their meetings before.

The program for the sessions I was is in this blog post Association for Symbolic Logic at the Pacific APA | Richard Zach.   The picture was taken by Richard Zach, the organizer of the session.

Mine was a very short talk about the Lambek Calculus  and categorical models for it, using Dialectica categories. This is joint work with Harley Eades III, updating the old paper I talked about in Lambek Calculus and Dialectica Categories.

I had one very good question, on why do I not believe in the Lambek calculus as a way of modelling language. The answer is complicated and long, so it will be left for a later blog post. I have many good friends who love the Lambek calculus exactly for this application, so I have to be careful how I describe my issues. Anyways, I do love the Lambek calculus as a logical system and the slides for the short talk are in slideshare.