Monday, September 25, 2017

Meaning in Context?

So this was already the third meeting on Meaning in Context, but I finally got to hear about it.
Annie sent an invitation to Meaning in Context (MIC 3)
and I choose to join the working group on
Neural networks and Textual Inference, animated by Lauri Karttunen and Ignacio Cases.
What I did not understand was that I supposed to come to all the other talks too. Or maybe I wasn't. But the two days that I went  there were really very informative. Learned lots, as usual. 
The previous Meaning in Context were in Dagstuhl (edited by Hans Kamp, Alessandro Lenci and James Pustejovsky) and Munich (edited by Hinrich Schutze).
I finally met Ido Dagan and Jason Baldridge, which was nice. Now I need to see whether and if so,  how, can we move the work with  Livy and Katerina in such way as to use some of the ideas I hope we can borrow.