Friday, July 14, 2017

Logic at LiCS2017

Since there are no pictures of me talking at the Logic Mentoring Workshop (LMW) the mural at Keflavik Airport in Iceland will have to do.

I talked about "Weapons of Math Construction" (slides) and was pleased that after a certain amount of to-and-froing with the organizers, we were all happy with the event.

Also very happy with the quality of the talks in the "Women in Logic Workshop (WiL2017).

Not so happy with the discussion in the LiCS Business Meeting. As the SIGLOG chair Prakash Panangaden says in the SIGLOG news:

"At LICS in Reykjavik, Valeria de Paiva made a passionate plea for greater diversity in the LICS community. I think it is fair to say that not everyone was sympathetic. I don’t have the answers but certainly this issue cannot be ignored; it should be discussed widely.
I think it would be a great idea if people were to write to me or to the Editor so we can publish some of the opinions in the following two or three issues". 

I'm agreeing heartily with Prakash, everyone should write to him!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Seven Different Valerias?

In some countries the legend is that cats have nine lives, in others  only seven.
Apparently Microsoft Academic (new version 2.0 just out!) thinks I am a cat.
At least there are seven Valerias de Paiva, when I search and they are all ME.

Check it out!
One of them has a paper with 144 other authors on Universal Dependencies, really cool.