Friday, April 21, 2017

Among the Philosophers

 Last week I was in Seattle for the APA/ASL meeting. The APA (American Philosophy Association) is kind of new to me, I had never been to one of their meetings before.

The program for the sessions I was is in this blog post Association for Symbolic Logic at the Pacific APA | Richard Zach.   The picture was taken by Richard Zach, the organizer of the session.

Mine was a very short talk about the Lambek Calculus  and categorical models for it, using Dialectica categories. This is joint work with Harley Eades III, updating the old paper I talked about in Lambek Calculus and Dialectica Categories.

I had one very good question, on why do I not believe in the Lambek calculus as a way of modelling language. The answer is complicated and long, so it will be left for a later blog post. I have many good friends who love the Lambek calculus exactly for this application, so I have to be careful how I describe my issues. Anyways, I do love the Lambek calculus as a logical system and the slides for the short talk are in slideshare.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Legal Start-ups

I have not written for far too long. Lots of work, lots of deadlines and especially lots of reviewing. But working with other people always helps.

Sabrina Praduroux works with Luigi di Caro in the University of Torino, Italy, as part of the MIREL (MIning and REasoning with legal text) project. Last year she had a visiting fellowship  to Stanford,  and we did some work together mapping the legal start-ups in the Valley. A report was written for the MIREL workshop and it is posted at my webpage.

Reasoning with legal texts is something I would like to do more. Happily Luigi is visiting again this Summer. I don't know yet if Sabrina and Livio will be visiting too. When they come next I have to ask what the logo of MIREL is all about. I find it a bit disturbing, I must say.