Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sisterhood in Logic....

The First Workshop for Women in Logic is about to happen in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The website is  Women in Logic (WiL) Workshop19th June 2017.

The program is looking great!

(this is the new banner that my special advisor Zach Sanchez  just produced, thanks Zach!)

the previous not optimal picture was


  1. Wait, is that banner the image for the workshop?! Because women logicians only wear skimpy clothes... ??

    1. no, this is not the banner for the workshop at all. this is just one of the images that google offers for "sisterhood" and I was in a hurry. there is no banner for the workshop yet and if you feel like providing one this would be nice.

    2. Many thanks to Zach Sanchez, the new image is so much nicer!

      (I love the idea of women logicians being as diverse as the original banner indicates, but the clothes and the shoes were, just, yeah, problematic.)

      Maybe you can get a photo in Reykjavik that someone with more graphical skills than me could turn into something like that first picture? That would be cool...