Relating demonyms to the places they originate from is usual linguistic fare, but KR seems to play scant attention to it.

Here's a map of the world showing how the mapping goes: kind of... there are at least three mistakes in the code that generated it.
Here's the LanguageLog blog post giving due credit for the map above and explaining  the mistakes.

We need to cope with queries like "show me a French comedy", which is easy, but needs to be done.
Tina Boegel and I  never got around finishing it in the  PARC Transfer system.

 Actually Tina and I tried to do something a little more complicated, pertainyms, which include adjectives like Christian, buddhist, etc.

Happy to report that the Powerset version of the semantics has done it all, apparently.
I'm still investigating how does one add to the stuff they have in the best possible way...