Saturday, July 27, 2013

Common Sense, at last...

I always loved the name of this series of conferences CommonSense. They were somewhat inspired by John McCarthy and they have been going on since 1998.
So I was delighted earlier this year when they've invited me to their Program Committee, for the the 2013 installment that happened in Cyprus (here's the final program).

I had already asked to go for three other meetings, so I couldn't make it, but Charles Ortiz presented my paper for me and I just joined them by skype to answer questions. Very cool!

I've prepared two sets of slides for the talk, one using Powerpoint (Contexts for Quantification) and one using Latex, Contexts for Quantification. I am not satisfied with this work, yet.  So I need to keep working on the ideas...

But since Cleo asked for the  slides, here they are. Must upload them to Slideshare too.

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