Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dick Tracy

Since I am fed up with having to google these two whenever I need to explain to someone why my plans are possible, albeit non-trivial, here they are:

Dick-Tracy paper on Unified Lexicon and on Transfer "semantics".

Oops forgot another important one, Crouch on KR and semantics,  2005.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Being thankful...

Araquem Alcantara is an amazing photographer. I want to buy all his books...but despite the beautiful picture of the Mata Atlantica, this post is only about good stuff that happened to me this week as far as work is concerned.

So the paper with Patricia, Cleo and Annie ("Where's the meeting that was cancelled?") was accepted for the COLING workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon. The reviewers don't seem to agree with me that inferential aspects are the main cognitive issue that the lexicon needs to address, but they found the work intriguing enough to accept it for the workshop. Good. There are lots of inferential aspects to the lexicon, we only touched some in the paper, which continues the work on Computing Relative Polarity for Textual Inference,  Context Inducing Nouns and Simple and Phrasal Implicatives. (I don't know if Lauri or Annie have written about the work on inferential aspects of adjectives/adverbs, but I guess they must have too.) Anyway this project is big and there is lots still to do and it would be good to get the lexicographers excited about it.

But there are lots of mundane issues for the workshop, visas, passports, and most of all time. Do I have time to go to Mumbai, India? I love the idea. I thought I did have the time, but  now  that I discovered that I need a new passport for the trip,  a decision  has been taken and I'm not going. sniff...

The paper with Marcela, Ju and Ruy on intuitionistc n-graphs was also accepted for the special issue of the Journal of the IGPL devoted to the Brazilian Logic colloquium EBL. This is good too. But again there are lots to do, as this is the simple first step...

Different first steps in different blog posts, Valeria!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jabuticaba? always...

Being too busy with the new job to write anything here.

Also elections both here (the zombie apocalipse -- sorry if you feel offended zombies!-- has been averted) and in Brazil (don't know really what to say...) meant much to read, no time to write.

But must remember: early November, later October is jabuticaba (or jaboticaba) time in Brazil.  Next year must organize to be there at the right time! and ask for repeat invitation from  my cousin Alvaro Vaz, who took the beautiful picture...

Shouldn't be too hard. Anonymous was everywhere last Monday with Guy Fawkes little rhyme "Remember, remember the 5th of November..."

Oh well, this is an odd cultural melange, if I've ever seen one: Guy Fawkes, anti-catholicism, anonymous, V for Vendetta,  Sandy, Diwali, elections and jabuticaba...ftw? certainly the jabuticaba.