Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jabuticaba? always...

Being too busy with the new job to write anything here.

Also elections both here (the zombie apocalipse -- sorry if you feel offended zombies!-- has been averted) and in Brazil (don't know really what to say...) meant much to read, no time to write.

But must remember: early November, later October is jabuticaba (or jaboticaba) time in Brazil.  Next year must organize to be there at the right time! and ask for repeat invitation from  my cousin Alvaro Vaz, who took the beautiful picture...

Shouldn't be too hard. Anonymous was everywhere last Monday with Guy Fawkes little rhyme "Remember, remember the 5th of November..."

Oh well, this is an odd cultural melange, if I've ever seen one: Guy Fawkes, anti-catholicism, anonymous, V for Vendetta,  Sandy, Diwali, elections and jabuticaba...ftw? certainly the jabuticaba.


  1. tomei um ótimo suco de jabuticaba hoje aqui no jantar do II CBSF