Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bridge and CommonSense

When I left PARC in May 2008 to try to do Cuil I realized that I didn't want to drop my research in Natural Language semantics. In particular I really wanted to carry on thinking about "proof-theoretic semantics for natural languages", but I was in a bit of a bind, given that I had no system to try experiments on (the Bridge system is proprietary to Xerox) and no people  to do this work with (friends were either in Powerset, a competitor of sorts,  or in PARC trying their own versions).
But I am nothing if not persistent (my dad would say 'teimosa') so I gave a talk about my plans to continue this kind of work at SRI (A Bridge not to far) and wrote a paper about it (Bridges from Language to Logic: Concepts, Contexts and Ontologies).

Later, together with Annie Zaenen, Cleo Condoravdi and Lauri Karttunen, I've been working (as an off campus member) of the Language and Natural Reasoning group. This is fun, we've organized  workshops and are editing a special volume of LiLT. Out of this work I have written a paper on quantification using the kind of logic discussed above, the paper Contexts for Quantification appeared in this year's CommonSense symposium.

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