Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Publishing Models

The world of scientific publishing is in turmoil. I don't know how the ACL manages to get all their papers online for free for everyone, but
I want to have the same happening in the other areas that I work.

Meanwhile I have to choose better the places where I will send my work.
In the small sample above, Springer got another 200 dollars and I haven't been able, yet, to share the USB memory sticks with my colleagues at Nuance.
(thinking about how to do it, though...)
I never been very strategic with where to send papers, a silly mistake to make all these years, time to put it right, I guess.
(Here's a blog post about it, don't agree with all he says, but some definitely makes sense, )

hmm, forgot to mention that I only went to two of these conferences:
the one in Nepal my collaborator Gerard de Melo (from Tsinghua University) presented the paper
Sense-Specific Implicative Commitments. and the PROPOR one, my collaborator Alexandre Rademaker
(from FGV and IBM/Research Rio) presented the paper
NomLex-PT: A Lexicon of Portuguese Nominalizations.

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  1. What advice would you give young researchers for when they are choosing where to send? I know, as of right now, I just choose based on topic.