Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Problems and materials...

I've discussed so far with the classes:

Andrew Abbott's `Aims of Education'

the future of Philosophy, either via Ken Taylor post or Jung's article and

Wigner's `The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences'. There is also Hamming's ``The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics" and perhaps the unreasonable effectiveness of data might be mentioned...

The unusual effectiveness of logic in CS is also good, but doesn't pack the same punch. (And the contrarian `The unreasonale effectiveness of data' is another nail in a perforated coffin, added much later, Sept 2015.)

There are questions that I did not find a good source like `what is a reasonable classification of the sub-areas of philosophy?' Mind you I also have not found one about the sub-areas of logic: I'm told that the classification into proof theory, model theory, recursion theory and set theory was Sack's, but I don't know where he did it...

Anyway I want to keep here a list of other questions and other articles that I think are cool enough to try to force the students to read. Must re-check the Canon of Tech, they had some good suggestions, like Vannevar Bush's `As we may think' article.

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