Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple Implicatives

Lauri Karttunen visited Nuance this week and gave a short (but very nice) talk about simple and phrasal implicatives.

Implicatives, as you can see in the paper, are clever bits of language (single words or short expressions) that allow some immediate reasoning to be part of the understanding of the language: Think the difference between
"Kim forgot to close the window" (the window is open) vs. "Kim forgot that she closed the window" (the window is closed).

His  data for the paper is here and the written paper is here.

I will ask if I can post his slides too. So I finally asked (03/15/2013) and here are Lauri's very clear slides.

I'm really happy  that Annie invited me to be part of the Language and Natural Reasoning group of CSLI with them.

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