Monday, February 11, 2013

Constructive Modal Logic for Walter's Fest

My friends are very productive. Every day I get messages from or ResearchGate saying that Prof X added 21 papers, Dr Y added 11, your friend Z added 14, and so on. The messages keep asking where are my papers...

Oh well, I guess I need to write them.

But there are a few that I have written and that given my password problems in Birmingham I have not been able to add to my webpage. And there are some that I've written but I don't think I closed the problem to my satisfaction. I wish I could get some young folks excited about those problems. And I wish I could get myself organized to write more. and better. After all, this is the only good thing about getting old, you can get better at doing the things you like doing. Which does not mean that you do get better, of course. But we can try...

Anyways, here is a paper written for the volume in honor of Walter Carnielli's 60th birthday. Walter is a good friend, we have not worked together so far, but one of these days we will.

This paper falls in the class of stuff not finished to my satisfaction, so I think I will write a nasty review of it, in the next blog post. It's called "Basic Constructive Modality"

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