Thursday, February 28, 2013

graphical deduction? seriously...?

Anjolina (Ju) is a good friend of mine. I like her company so much that I will learn some new mathematics just so that we can work on stuff together. So far I have tried to learn Sam Buss' "logical flow graphs" and Alessandra Carbone's version of them. (Alessandra is another good friend that I haven't seen in a while...)

Anjolina also has her own version of logical flow graphs, they are called n-graphs. Together with young Marcela Quispe-Cruz, who's the one doing the heavy-lifting, and with Ruy de Queiroz, Ju's supervisor, collaborator and husband, Ju and I have a new paper out on "Intuitionistic n-Graphs".

It's just a beginning, we didn't do half of what we wanted to do. In particular we have not proved "normalization" of these intuitionistic n-graphs, yet. But I believe the first paper has been accepted in the Logic Journal of the IGPL, yay!

Now you may ask what the UL (University Library in Cambridge) is doing here...Geometry, I guess is the answer. Used to love the stuff, still like it lots, ought to know more about it.

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