Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where's the meeting that was cancelled? once again...

 Somewhat old news: the paper with Patricia, Cleo and Annie ("Where's the meeting that was cancelled?") was accepted for the COLING workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon as a poster. The reviewers don't seem to agree with me that inferential aspects are the main cognitive issue that the lexicon needs to address, but they found the work intriguing enough to accept it for the workshop. Good. There are lots of inferential aspects to the lexicon, we only touched some in the paper, which continues the work on Computing Relative Polarity for Textual Inference,  Context Inducing Nouns and (the recently blogged about) Simple and Phrasal Implicatives. (I  know  Lauri and/or Annie must have written about the work on inferential aspects of adjectives/adverbs, but I don't know where.) Anyway this project is big and there is lots still to do and it would be good to get  lexicographers and others excited about it.

Many thanks to my friend and collaborator Gerard de Melo for presenting the poster in Mumbai, India. There, apart from his invited tutorial, he also presented our small work together on a Brazilian Portuguese Open WordNet, which deserves a post of its own, since it's kind of stuck.

Picture of Rajhastan from my friend Sara Kalvala.

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