Friday, August 3, 2018

Moon over Mongolia and Lexical Resources?

Yep, one has nothing to do with the other. It's just a very pretty picture. I love the fact that the person who took it decided to tell us it's Mongolia. I want to visit China and maybe Mongolia too. Soon. But this post is about Lexical Resources for Portuguese.

It is an awful lot of work to deal with linguistic data. (ok, it can a bit easier than doing mathematics, as everything you do, gets you more data, so it's worth doing it...unlike maths when sometimes it really does not work. ) But we do it! And at least you can look back and see, not only the huge number of things you still want to do, but the fairly large number of works you have already done.

This was the spirit of the note "OWN-PT: Taking Stock", which we submitted to NLCS 2018. Alexandre Rademaker gave the talk and had his own slides, which I hope are already the FLoC site. But I produced mine first, so while we think what to do next and how, here they are.

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