Friday, July 27, 2018

Oxford and FLoC

I admit it: I bit more than I could chew, when I decided to organize three workshops, on different subjects, as part of FLoC2018 (the Federated Logic Conference) in Oxford this July. Sure, I did not know they would be all scheduled for the same weekend. I assumed they wouldn't, but still everything worked fine, mostly.

The picture above is from the dining hall of Wadham College, right after the Workshop Women in Logic 2018. We had a very good workshop and a spirited discussion, "Priorities for Diversity in Logic for Computer Science". Not absolutely clear how we will implement our ideas, but we're working on it.

Then we had Natural Language in Computer Science NLCS2018.  This is the 5th NLCS that  Larry Moss and myself organized, this time we had Ash Asudeh helping us out and the meeting was great! The program is available from FLoC here. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures during the talks, a real shame! I thought  I had some pictures of the dinner  after NLCS2018 but I cannot found them now...

 Oxford is of course super photogenic... it is difficult to choose which pictures to post.

Finally,  I also also invited by Maribel Fern├índez, Thomas Ehrhard and Lorenzo Tortora de Falco to help organize the Linearity/TLLA workshop.

The talks were super interesting, but I could not attend. I had several `spies' there, though.  Harley Eades III and Jiaming Jiang, talked about the "Lambek Calculus with an Exchange Modality". Elaine Pimentel   talked about our joint work with Carlos Olarte and Giselle Reis on "Benchmarking Linear Logic Translation". This to the right is a chapel, that is, apparently a library, "where you can work", someone said...

Many intense and productive discussions were had. It was very nice to see good friends that I had not seen for many years.

But there was a big knot on our collective throat: we missed Mike Gordon a lot. As Sara put it, he brought us together once again.

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