Monday, January 4, 2016

Talking much, not calculating enough?

This was another year of talking a lot. First I gave a talk about Intuitionistic Modal Logic in the Logic Colloquium in Berkeley,  on March,  6th 2015, invited by Wes Holliday.

The title was `Constructive Modal Logics: 15 years later'  and it was fun and scary. I thought they had the slides on their page, but now I cannot find them, so the slideshare link will have to suffice.

Then I was invited speaker at 4th CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Intelligent Interaction, CSLI, Stanford University.  I talked about Lean Logic and the paper is not written, yet.

For this invited talk there are two videos, which really makes me nervous. But on the day I actually felt pretty good about it.

Then there was WOLLIC 2015 and I was invited speaker at CocoNat at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Doing WOLLIC was really hard work, but I am  pleased with the way it turned out in the end. Lots of fun and a serious program. At CoCoNat I talked again about Lean Logic, but I was disappointed that I did not manage to make much progress between the two talks.

Then I was Invited Speaker at LSFA2015 in Natal, RN, Brazil . This was a special present from Elaine Pimentel and I am really grateful. I talked about modal logic again, but this was very different from Berkeley or the paper with Charles and Natasha.  I had seen a message saying that videos were online, and indeed just found them now. Mine is here.

The meeting was great. Huge and really fantastic! Lots of attention to many details, energetic and helpful young ones everywhere,  good talks inside and outside the lecture rooms. I loved it! I also loved their logo, clever and pretty!

The last invited talk of the year was at IBM Research Rio, in September 2015, when I talked about 

Portuguese Linguistic Tools:What, Why and How. 
The view was beautiful and the discussion very good.

This year I was also invited to something very special: to help evaluate the INRIA program on "Proofs and Verification". A very different learning experience.

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