Thursday, December 31, 2015

OWN-PT Logo, yay!

Zach Sanchez provided a beautiful logo for OpenWordNet-PT.

The colours shows that we start from Brazil, but want to encompass Portugal and the other Portuguese speaking countries. The network says that we want to be part of the big resources in the Semantic Web, more specifically of the Linked Open Data networks.  The shape  of the net should remind you of a lambda, as our implementation was basically in Lisp and we value our functional programming origins. The dashed indicates that we're not complete and we hope people will help to make it better!

Yes, I think we covered all the bases.

This year wasn't as good as 2014 for the work on lexical resources. We actually only had three (make it two) papers accepted. I must be getting worse at writing stuff, since there were 8 (yay!) in 2014. Maybe it's the problem with focusing getting worse (very interesting but full of distractions blog post here). May be it's just the ups and downs of getting stuff done and then writing about it, I don't know. Must make sure I don't get disheartened by all the stuff that didn't get anywhere.

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