Monday, January 4, 2016

books, rejections and carrying on

There are days that you need to pat yourself in the back to try to remember  that things will be all right in the end. Four papers rejected before the end of July is a high rejection rate.

Modal logic, FILL cut elimination and Lean Logic I have been  able to recover from: re-organizing things, re-submitting and getting clearer. Google POS-tags less so and it is so important, oh dear.

The issue is not the rejection, but how to learn and improve from that.

But I had three meetings organized this Summer and all have been successful. WOLLIC's book is pictured, NLCS had a good turn out, despite being so far away and  the Workshop in Barcelona was fun and very productive.

I also gave a collection of invited talks. Yes, definitely a sign that I am old. I knew I was going to talk at CoCoNat and LSFA, I ended up talking also at the Berkeley Colloquium (thanks Wes!), at Stanford's Rationality Workshop (thanks Johan!), at IBM Research (thanks Alexandre!)

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