Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ada Lovelace Day 2016

This year I am honouring Manuela Sobral in my Ada Lovelace Day post.
(phew I almost missed it again!..)

 Just in case you're new to the idea of Ada Lovelace's Day, every one who blogs (even eventually) should post something on 11th October about the achievements of women in Science or Maths. 
Now there's plenty of women doing Category Theory in Portugal and Manuela is partially to `blame' for it. Coimbra University (a beautiful place) has always been very welcoming to women mathematicians, especially category theorists. 

The picture of Manuela by  Juergen Koslovski  (thanks!!) is from the meeting

Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology

for her 70th birthday in 2014!

I believe I've met met Manuela in Montreal at Category Theory 1991, where the picture below was taken. Maria Manual Clementino, who organized the  meeting for Manuela is also in the picture, with a  young looking me.

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