Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transfer vs. Glue Semantics?

The short version of this post is Glue=principled, based on Linear Logic, Transfer=efficient, based on (linear) Rewriting.

But much, much more can and should be written.

The reason for the post is collect a few references. And to post a new(ish)  paper of Dick Crouch, which shows that Transfer semantics is totally independent of the grammatical theory that it originates from,  Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG). The paper is Transfer Semantics for the Clear Parser, it was presented at Natural Language and Computer Science (NLCS 2014), the workshop I organized with Larry Moss and Christian Retore as part of the Vienna Summer of Logic.

There are also two other papers on Transfer Semantics, these use LFG and the the XLE parser. The  papers can be found in this blog post. One shows how to construct transfer semantics from f-structures, the other how to rewrite transfer semantics into knowledge representation. Now I need to add the references for Glue Semantics.

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