Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maude for Textual Entailment

This is Maude Fealy, a star of silent movies, and no, I don't mean this Maude, but instead Maude the rewriting system developed by Messeguer and others, first at SRI then at Illinois.

They say in their Maude webpage "Maude is a high-performance reflective language and system supporting both equational and rewriting logic specification and programming for a wide range of applications."

Vivek Nigam and I have thought that it should be easy to use rewriting logic to prove formally entailment and contradiction of formulas arising from text, using the PARC's  Bridge system, as a black box. We wrote a preliminary note, and I talked about it at LSFA 2014.

The note `Towards a Rewriting Framework for Textual Entailment' is available, as are the Maude files used.

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