Sunday, August 25, 2013

IMLA 2002: Copenhagen

The second IMLA, the first one I helped organize, was in Copenhagen at FLoC 2002.

The web site for the meeting is still alive, unlike the one for IMLA 1999, which I had to fish back from the Internet Archive.

The photo which has me,  Martin Hyland and Andrea Schalk is courtesy of Elaine Pimentel. thanks Elaine!

Reproducing the program below.

IMLA program
Friday July 26th, 2002

All sessions take place in auditorium 2.IMLA's program is also available with abstracts or side by side with other meetings.
08:50-10:30  Session 1
08:50  Opening
09:00  Dana Scott, Carnegie Mellon U, USA
Invited talk: Realizability and modality
10:00  Steve Awodey, Carnegie Mellon U, USA and Andrej Bauer, U Ljubljana, Slovenia
Propositions as [types]
10:30-11:00  Refreshments
11:00-12:30  Session 2
11:00  Claudio Hermida, IST Lisbon, Portugal
A categorical outlook on relational modalities and simulations
11:30  Gianluigi Bellin, U Verona, Italy
Towards a formal pragmatics: An intuitionistic theory of assertive and conjectural judgements with an extension of Gödel, McKinsey and Tarski's S4 translation.
12:00  Olivier Brunet, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France
A modal logic for observation-based knowledge representation
12:30-14:00  Lunch
14:00-15:30  Session 3
14:00  Giovanni Sambin, U Padova, Italy
Invited talk: Open truth and closed falsity
15:00  J. M. Davoren, Australian National U; V. Coulthard, Australian National U; T. Moor, Australian National U; Rajeev P. Goré, Australian National U; and A. Nerode, Cornell U, USA
Topological semantics for intuitionistic modal logics, and spatial discretisation by A/D maps
15:30-16:00  Refreshments
16:00-17:00  Session 4
16:00  Maria Emilia Maietti, U Padova, Italy and Eike Ritter, U Birmingham, UK
Modal run-time analysis revisited
16:30  Discussion

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