Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advances in Natural Deduction Wow...

A long, long time ago Luiz Carlos organized a great meeting in Rio to celebrate Dag Prawitz's work  and seminal book "Natural Deduction" (which is now a Dover publication, super cheap if you want a real book. if the pdf is good enough, this is also available). The original idea was to celebrate 35 years of the book, which appeared in 1965. But with the vagaries of the Brazilian funding and our own lack of organization, the meeting happened in 2001. And it was a great meeting. All worked, even the weather, the interactions were fun and people had a great time.

Then it was decided that a volume of articles would be a nice complement to the meeting and this project has been going on and on, forever, really. Since 2001, we've been fending off requests, demands, enquiries... The original publishers  Kluwer were bought, some of the authors moved institutions more than three times, all sorts of issues and delays were encountered. Several times I thought we would never get it done. But know what?
Recently, with the help of lots of friends,  mostly  Bruno Lopes, it's all done and packaged off to Springer. It looks like we will finally "tirar essa alma do purgatorio" (my granny old saying for things that look like they will never get done--literally get this soul out of the purgatory). I'm not celebrating quite yet, but glad to get a letter from Springer in India asking me where do I want my copy sent. Yay!!!

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