Friday, July 27, 2012

OpenWN-PT is online!!

Together with Alexandre Rademaker and Gerard de Melo I have been working on a version of WordNet for Portuguese that is open, downloadable and modifiable by all. The paper was called "Revisiting a Brazilian WordNet" and it appeared in the Proceedings of Global Wordnet Conference.

We call it OpenWN-PT because there are some other efforts at Portuguese WordNets, including the MultiWordNet-Portuguese, the Portuguese Wordnet of P. Marrafa and the Brazilian Portuguese WordNet of Bento Dias-da-Silva. Ours is small, but downloadable and improvable.

This week we heard from Francis Bond that this has been incorporated into Francis' project,  Open Multilingual Wordnet (link below) which makes it online, searchable and "linked" to SUMO, which I worked on with  Adam Pease.

YAY!!! Great news guys, many thanks!!!

Open Multilingual Wordnet


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