Thursday, November 1, 2018

A busy summer

This post was written a while back, but never published..

My first NAACL-HLT


So I was impressed by the amount of interesting work I saw at NAACL this year. This was my first NAACL-HLT, but I have done quite a bit of reviewing this year (for ACL and  Coling), so it was clear that  there was a lot to hear in New Orleans.

I went because I wanted to talk to my young collaborators, Katerina Kalouli and Livy Real, who were presenting work, related to our  joint work.

Livy presented  work on creating a version of the SICK corpus in Portuguese as a poster in the workshop Widening NLP. The program in   says
  • Building a NLI Corpus for PortugueseLivy Real, Valeria dePaiva, Bruno Guide, Bruna Thalenberg, Cindy Silva, Guilherme Oliveira Lima, Ana Rodrigues, Beatriz Albiero, Rodrigo Souza and Igor de Camargo e Souza Câmara
 Katerina and Dick Crouch presented work on GKR: the Graphical Knowledge Representation for semantic parsing and Named Graphs for Semantic Representation. This very interesting work is related to some of my work on KIML (Knowledge and Information Management Logic).

I have met and talked to several people that I hadn't seen in years, which was nice, and New Orleans was amazing! I also met Ben van Durme, from John Hopkins University NLP group, for the  first time. Finally my friend Marilyn Walker was the overall chair person of the conference, which was also very nice.


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