Saturday, May 19, 2018

Coming up for Air

Once again, I bit more than I could chew. I thought I could organize, or help organize, three workshops as part of FLoC 2018 (Women in Logic, Natural Language in Computer Science and Linearity/LTTA) and I have spent the last six weeks, drowning in overdue papers, overdue reviews, overdue comments, overdue any kind of stuff. So much so that I haven't be able to even sit in the garden or watch stupid television for a while. What's the point of living in sunny California if you can't even sit in the garden, one may ask...

But today I think things might be getting better, touch wood. Still lots of to-dos undone, but  papers have been chosen, workshops are going ahead, they have preliminary programs, authors have been told. There might be a lull on the incessant pounding of "being late". So maybe one can sit on the garden, with a lemonade and try to think through the rest of what needs doing. After all the point of being a researcher is presumably researching stuff that you find interesting, not doing bureaucratic stuff non-stop. Maybe I can ponder one or two or ten conversations that were left hanging in the middle. One or two urgent emails that are now so old  that it will be surprising if they still matter. Worth a go, anyways.

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