Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Logic and Probabilistic Methods for Dialog

ESSLLI, Barcelona, 10-14th August 2015

Together with Charles Ortiz, I organized a workshop on Logic and Probabilistic Methods for Dialog, at the 2015 European Summer School of Logic, Language and Information, in Barcelona, 3-14th August, 2015. The workshop turned up very well indeed, matching some sort of trend in the the whole summer school towards dialog. Altogether there were four activities focusing on dialogue: an introductory course by Camilo Thorne (Reasoning-based Dialogue Systems), an advanced course by David Traum (Computational Models of Grounding in Dialogue), another advanced course by Nick Asher and Eric McCready (Cooperative and Non-cooperative Discourse in Games ) and our workshop, as well as an evening Invited Lecture by Raquel Fernandez.

Here are the talks in the workshop, together with the slides provided by the lecturers. We now have to decide whether we want to take the trouble of trying to publish any kind of proceedings or not.



  1. The links are not working. They are directing to a restricted area.

    1. Many thanks for letting me know, Alexandre. I have now corrected them, except the ones for Nick and Eric's talk, because I cannot see a properly working link for their course.