Saturday, September 27, 2014

Logics and Ontologies for Natural Language 2014

Last Monday was our workshop LogOnto2014, associated with FOIS 2014. It really worked well, as they say here, "Bombou mesmo". One of the best attended workshops (there were five workshops) and great discussions. Nicholas Asher, one of the keynote speakers of the conference FOIS, stayed for most of the workshop and made things lively. Laure Vieu, the FOIS 2014 general chair had to give a talk for her collaborator,  Alexandra Arapinis, as the AirFrance workers' strike made Alexandra one day late for the conference. I opened the workshop explaining that what we originally meant as a small gathering of our very disperse group, had snowballed into a fairly sizeable workshop. But I had no clue on how big it had really become. Very nice!

The building of the FGV in downtown Rio was also very nice, well-worth getting there early to see the "cidade" waking up.   My opening slides are here. Alexandre will upload all slides and papers in due course on the program page.

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