Monday, November 4, 2013

Belated Happy Halloween...

Spending a weekend in New York with my best friend was brilliant. We went to the theater, to the High Line Park and Chelsea Market, to lots of museums, where the highlight was the Frick Collection, with its amazing free audioguides spoken by the curators themselves. This was fantastic! the best museum experience ever.

Since I also had two papers accepted for the Global WordNet Conference in Estonia and one submitted for LREC in Iceland I should be feeling pretty stoked about work, shouldn't I? But I feel that it's going too slow, that we're not making progress as fast as we need to. Oh well, let me remind myself that I have been invited to review papers for LREC and that I've been invited to the Program Committee of the EACL 2014 Type Theory and Natural Language Semantics Workshop (TTNLS), whose deadline is 23rd January 2014. Got to get the stuff working and the papers written...

(Historical note on this photo: The Ladies of Trinity Hospital at Castle Rising, Norfolk, England taking afternoon tea over 100 years ago. Single ladies (spinsters) still live in this almshouse today, and it is a condition of their residency that they wear this 17th century costume on Sundays and Open Days. This is what they say in the ebay posting that allows you to buy the full picture for 5 dollars)

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