Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tomorrow: CSLI Workshop Perspectives on Modality

CSLI Workshop Perspectives on Modality


Leon van der Torre (Luxembourg & CSLI): Deontic logic without possible worlds
Thomas Icard III (Stanford) and Wesley Holliday (Berkeley): Measure Semantics and Qualitative Semantics for Epistemic Modals
Stefan Kaufmann (Northwestern & UConn): Independencies in Counterfactuals
Dan Lassiter (Stanford): The weakness of must: In defense of a mantra     

Igor Yanovich (MIT): Distinction between 'advice' and 'factual' deontics, or "Mary should buy that laptop" vs "Mary should go to jail"
Anette Frank (Heidelberg): Challenges in the annotation of modal meanings and how to circumvent them 

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