Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stanford is beautiful in April...

and at most other times too. But following up with posts about what's happening, here's number two, with the same suspects.

As Annie Zaenen says:

Workshop on Modality and Veridicity Stanford April 2013

NLP is moving beyond the identification of events and their participants in texts to detecting the stance of the writer/speaker towards the events or entities mentioned. The treatment of modal expressions and indicators of veridicity (the speaker's presentation of an event as factual) are important issues in this context. Linguistic theory has had many things to say about them but how these linguistic insights translate into computational approaches is not yet clear. We hope in this workshop to contribute to the mutual understanding between linguists and practitioners of NLP in this domain. 

I believe the workshop is on the 12th April, but I'm not sure, yet. Need to discover.
ps: the picture is by my cousin Alvaro.

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