Monday, September 10, 2012

Intuitionistic Modal Logics and Applications (IMLA2013)

For a fair number of years now I have been working on modalities in constructive logics and type theories. This started with the  realization that the Linear Logic "of course" exponential connective corresponds to an S4-box operator (1992), which became my paper with Gavin Bierman On an Intuitionistic Modal Logic, Studia Logica (65):383-416, 2000.

And it has continued ever since in an informal project with many collaborators including Nick Benton, Torben Brauner, Gianluigi Bellin, Eike Ritter, Michael Mendler, Rajeev Gore, Natasha Alechina, Neil Ghani, Milly Maietti, etc.  The main outcome of this project has been the organization of Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications (IMLA) workshops and the journal special issues that came from them.

So far there have been 5 such workshops. Now the 6th Workshop on Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications (IMLA2013) will be held in association with Unilog2013,  in March-April, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Previous workshops were part of FLoC1999, Trento, Italy, of FLoC2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, part of LiCS2005, Chicago, USA, part of LiCS2008, Pittsburgh, USA and part of the 14th Congress of Logic, Methdology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy, France, 25 July, 2011.

I wasn't much associated with the first workshop in Trento, but have been involved in all the others. Three special issues of journals have been published from IMLA workshops so far (a fourth is being produced, editors Natasha Alechina and me):

  1. M. Fairtlough, M. Mendler, E. Moggi (eds.): Modalities in Type Theory. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Vol. 11, No. 4, August 2001.
  2. V. De Paiva, R. Gore, M. Mendler (eds.): Modalities in Constructive Modal Logics and Type Theories. Special issue of the Journal Logic and Computation, editorial pp. 439-446, Vol. 14, No. 4, Oxford University Press, August 2004.
  3. Valeria de Paiva, Brigitte Pientka (eds.): Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications (IMLA 2008). Inf. Comput. 209(12): 1435-1436 (2011).

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