Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resources and Reasoning: a new project?

Actually, it is the continuation of "Logics and Ontologies for Portuguese" which started in July, 2011.
Resources & Reasoning has three main goals:
1. Measure and  improve the accuracy of OpenWordNet-PT;
2. Choose and implement a version of named entity recognition for Brazilian Portuguese;
3. Demonstrate the feasibility of a prototype for reasoning about relationships between historical characters in the DHBB, using SUMO-Sigma and the resources we have created.

Writing research projects is hard work, as you don't want to promise too much and not live up to people's expectations. But you also do not want to promise too little and risk people not getting excited about the project at all. Finally there some bits that even if not the most exciting things, need to be done so that you do get to the exciting ones and you must try to show some enthusiasm for these boring bits too.

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