Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glue Semantics for Logicians?

So a long, long time ago I was invited by Claudia Casadio to talk about Linear Logic and Natural Language Semantics. I thought I'd like to discuss Glue Semantics, as I think it's a very exciting and different application of Linear Logic that linear logicians know nothing about. But I ended up not being able to go to Rome, so I never wrote down my thoughts.

Since I'm trying to reconstruct those mostly forgotten ideas, I thought it might be sensible to use a blog to record links, add files and discussions, etc. It doesn't help that the PARC pages also do not exist anymore, with Mary Dalrymple moving to Oxford, John Lamping moving to PurpleYogi and then Google, Vineet Gupta also to Google and Dick Crouch to Powerset and then Microsoft.

At least three people wrote phd theses related  to Glue Semantics:
 Ash Asudeh, Iddo Lev and Miltiadis Kokkonidis.
(Kokkonidis also maintains (maintained?) the Glue Semantics bibliography, initiated by Lev.)

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