Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Vanity Trip

Nice things in the past? Nah! Building my brand? I wish!

Anyways, this post is about situations where people said nice things about my work.

So, I am very proud of my Wikipediapage, A `friend' suggested that, if I had created my own page, at least I had the grace of not getting caught. With friends like this, who needs enemies, right?

When I was still at Xerox PARC, the MAA did this piece After I left PARC, I was invited to come back and give a PARC Forum, something I was never invited to do during the nine years I spent there. I think the talk and the poster (reduced image below) turned out quite well. The video was on the PARC website, at, but maybe it's now gone. After all, this was nine years ago. (I think I still have the DVD of the talk, I should try to convert it to digital.)

After  many years, when I was at Nuance, AMS's Math Awareness Month did this interview with me and I was delighted.  But the most amazing was to discover, when searching the Web for something else,  this pretty cartoon done by the guys at, from Colombia, within the blog post

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